Chercal rectangular mosaic

Chercal rectangular mosaic

Code: TUN


The Tunisian range of mosaic tiles features multiple patterns. All are hand crafted from beautiful colours stones and marbles gathered throughout Tunisia. The pieces, cut into slices and then into the required shapes , are then placed onto each pattern by local artisans.

The result is a discerning range of authentic stone mosaics, colourful or plain, full pattern or border pattern, textured or smooth, for decorative walls and floors that will enhance any space and wear naturally over time.

The ceramic tile inserts have been randomly cut and inserted between small cut terracotta pieces.

The Tunisian range is suitable for both commercial and residential, indoor and outdoor areas and is particularly striking in large spaces such as entry foyers, kitchens and protected pation floors. All designs are handmade, unglazed, with a desireable matte finish. Sealing is recommended.

Size mm  Finish  Application
300x280x8  Smooth Interior / exterior

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